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Reclaimed: The Forgotten League

I wrote and edited scripts, conducted research, conducted interviews, produced, sound designed, edited artwork and fact checked episodes of this award winning podcast.

“For decades, Black baseball players were excluded from the major leagues and forced to create their own space: the Negro Leagues. In “Reclaimed: The Forgotten League,” we’ll uncover the stories of some of these overlooked greats, including Turkey Stearnes, one of the best hitters of all time. Overshadowed by racial prejudice and oppression, their legacy was hidden — but now, experts and family members reflect on their impact, which extended far beyond the game. We’ll discover how newly acknowledged Negro Leagues stats could re-write history and redefine baseball’s roster of GOATs. Vanessa Ivy Rose, granddaughter of Negro Leagues star Turkey Stearnes, brings us on a quest to excavate the stories and stats of Black players who were shut out of the major leagues, a legacy that still haunts the sport. The series includes interviews with family and friends of Turkey Stearnes, including a living Negro Leagues player; never-before-published audio of Stearnes himself; and interviews with leading historians.”

Episode 2 - Producer

Episode 3 - Writer / Producer / Fact Checker

Episode 5 - Sound Designer

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