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ZOOM Museum

ZOOM Museum is a ‘digital museum’ I conceptualized and designed in May 2020, at the time where major U.S. universities and corporations first transitioned to remote operations.

It began as a pool of high-resolution images of works exhibited in physical art institutions around the United States, released digitally for socially-distanced patronage through teleconferencing background images.

Now the museum acts as sort of time-capsule, capturing the absurdity of life in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With ‘exhibitions’ from 21 contributing museums, ZOOM Museum is the largest intra-institutional art museum collaboration till date. The website includes a link to download all of the high-res images, and comprehensive instructions on how to use them.

You can read more about ZOOM Museum in this write up by Hyperallergic Magazine. You can also visit ZOOM Museum by clicking this link.

The museum is best viewed on a desktop computer.

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